Knowledge and perception of Sepsis among Doctors in Karachi Pakistan

  • Faiza Ahmed Indus Hospital & Health Network
  • Lubna Abbasi
  • Fivzia Herekar
  • Ahsun Jiwani
  • Muhammad Junaid Patel
Keywords: Sepsis, Septic Shock, Critical Care, Intensivists, Physicians knowledge


Objectives: To assess knowledge and perception among Pakistani physicians towards sepsis.

Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted in Indus Hospital and Health Networks from September 2020 to March 2021. The International Sepsis Survey questionnaire was adapted, and its link was sent to trainee physicians as well as specialists, and consultants practicing in various hospitals via social media. Knowledge and perception were scored and 50% was considered the cut-off score for adequacy. Data was analyzed using SPSS version 26.

Results: Analysis was done on 222 respondents who completed the survey. 37.9% of the participants had adequate knowledge. Knowledge regarding sepsis was significantly associated with specialty, ICU/CCU/HDU, and work experience (P-value <0.0001). More recent trainee physicians and those with more experience in critical care areas demonstrated better knowledge. Over 2/3rd of the respondents strongly agreed that sepsis remains one of the unmet needs in critical care today.

Conclusion: A common belief exists that sepsis remains a challenge to treat among doctors. Moreover, there is consensus that it is the most frequently miss diagnosed condition in critical care and a dire need exists for its early diagnosis. Additionally, prompt management of presumed sepsis is imperative to improve outcomes.


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