The effect of ruminative thoughts on sexuality in obese women

  • Hulya Guc
  • Hasan Turan Karatepe
  • Asena Ayca Ozdemir
  • Ibrahim Bashan Assoc.Prof., MD
Keywords: repetitive thinking tought, obesity, sexuality


Objectives: Ruminative thoughts play a significant role in the pathogenesis of disorders such as anxiety and depression. This study was conducted to investigate the impact of ruminative thoughts on the sexual functions of obese and non-obese women.

Methods: This case-control study included individuals sexually active women aged 18 and above, and under 46 years, who applied to the university hospital’s obesity clinic in 2021 and had not previously been diagnosed with the patient and/or their partner with organic and/or psychiatric diseases that could cause sexual dysfunction and/or being under treatment, as well as pregnancy. The participants consisted of pre-obese and obese individuals (n = 59), as well as non-obese individuals (n = 63). The Ruminative Thought Style Questionnaire, Female Sexual Function Index, and Arizona Sexual Experiences Scale were administered to the voluntary participants. Using univariate and multivariate statistical models, the effects of obesity and volatile thought styles on the sexual experiences of obese and non-obese women were evaluated.

Results: The analyses conducted revealed that the scores of ruminative thoughts were not affected by obesity. After adjusting for age, it was observed that Arizona Sexual Experiences Scale scores were higher in pre-obese and obese women (p<0.05). In the multiple models created, Arizona Sexual Experiences Scale scores were negatively influenced by obesity, whereas Female Sexual Function Index scores were adversely affected by ruminative thought styles.

Conclusions: In this study, while addressing sexual health for both preobese, obese, and non-obese women, the importance of considering predisposing psychological factors is emphasized. It emphasizes the importance of ruminative thoughts and obesity on sexual functioning in women. Psychological well-being and body image perception emerge as critical elements in this relationship.


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