Clinical efficacy of cyclosporin and natamycin for fungal keratitis

  • Chengwen Yang
  • Jingjing Cai
  • Qiuhong Wei Baoding NO.1 Central Hospital
  • Huifang Lian
  • Lin An
Keywords: Cyclosporin; Natamycin; Fungal keratitis; Clinical efficacy


Objectives: To investigate the clinical efficacy of cyclosporin (CYSP) and natamycin (NAT) as a combination therapy in patients with fungal keratitis.

Methods: This is a retrospective study. A total of 64 patients (64 eyes) with fungal keratitis treated by Baoding No.1 Central Hospital between December 2018 and May 2022 according to their treatment methods were divided into a monotherapy (MT) group receiving NAT eye drops solely and a combination therapy (CT) group given CYSP eye drops in addition to the exact treatment provided for the MT group. The clinical responses, visual acuity changes, severity of eye symptoms, and adverse reactions were compared between the two groups.

Results: At two and four weeks post-treatment, the CT group had an overall response rate (ORR) significantly higher than that of the MT group (P< 0.05, respectively); both groups showed improved visual acuity and eye symptoms compared with the pre-treatment condition, and these improvements were more pronounced in the CT group (P < 0.05, respectively). Compared with the MT group, the CT group experienced a significantly shorter duration of eye symptoms (P < 0.05). The adverse reaction rate(ARR) was 9.38% in the CT group and 6.25% in the MT group, and the difference was not significant (P > 0.05).

Conclusion: Using CYSP and NAT as a combination therapy for fungal keratitis can substantially heighten the therapeutic effects, promote visual acuity recovery, and induce rapid remission of eye symptoms without increasing the risk of adverse reactions.


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