Post-graduate educational environment of two parallel programs in Pediatric Medicine

  • Muhmmad Haroon Hamid
  • Usman Mahboob
  • Rehan Ahmed Khan
Keywords: Educational Environment, Pediatrics, Perception, Post-graduate, PHEEM Pakistan


Objective: To compare the trainees’ perception of the Educational Environment (EE) of the two parallel post-graduate training programs (MD & FCPS) in Pediatric Medicine.

Methods: This quantitative cross-sectional study was carried out by Department of Medical Education UOL and Department of Pediatric Medicine KEMU from February to December 2021. Data about the perception of EE was collected from the Pediatric Medicine trainees by purposive sampling using the 40 items PHEEM inventory. The inventory has three perception domains: role autonomy, teaching, and social support. In addition, to mean scores, the inventory also gives interpretation according to the score ranges. The FCPS and MD trainees of both genders and all years of training across the institutions of Punjab were approached using Google Forms. SPSS
(v 23.0) was used for descriptive and analytic statistics.

Results: A total of 327 trainees’ responses were included-188 (57.5%) FCPS and 139 (42.5%) MD trainees. The mean overall score was 92±19.7 for FCSP and 93.88±21.5 for MD trainees (p-value 0.41). The interpretation of the overall score was “more positive than negative but room for improvement” in 67.3%. For the subscales of role autonomy, teaching, and social support, the perception was positive by 71%, 80%, and 45% of trainees, respectively. Except for three individual items, the mean scores of the subscales and the individual items were not statistically different between the two groups.

Conclusion: The Pediatric Medicine trainees’ perception of the educational environment in the FCPS and MD groups was comparable overall and in all three domains. Individual item analysis showed almost similar areas for improvement in both programs.


How to cite this: Hamid MH, Mahboob U, Khan RA. Post-graduate educational environment of two parallel programs in Pediatric Medicine. Pak J Med Sci. 2023;39(6):1637-1641. doi:

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Hamid, M. H., Mahboob , U., & Khan, R. A. (2023). Post-graduate educational environment of two parallel programs in Pediatric Medicine. Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences, 39(6).
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