Predictors of Mortality in COVID-19 patients: An observational study

  • Muhammad Arsalan Qureshi KRL Hospital
  • Kaleem Ullah Toori KRL Hospital
  • Raja Mobeen Ahmed KRL Hospital
Keywords: COVID-19, Mortality, Comorbids, Inflammatory Markers, Disease severity


Objectives: To identify the factors that affect outcome in COVID-19 patients in the Pakistani population.

Methods: A total of 225 patients of COVID-19 RT-PCR proven were included during November, 2020 to June, 2021 in this cross-sectional study. They were stratified into different disease severity categories as per WHO guidelines. The characteristics of survivors and non survivors were recorded and then compared to draw conclusions.

Results: Mean age was 59 years. Majority of the patients were male (68%) and the overall mortality rate was 30.1%. The non survivors were more likely to be female, had a greater number of comorbidities, had a higher respiratory rate and lower oxygen saturations at presentation and had a greater frequency of invasive mechanical ventilation. Non survivors had higher values of TLC, CRP, D-dimers and lower values of Hemoglobin and Platelets. The non survivors had higher incidence of ARDS, Septic shock and Multiorgan involvement. A higher CURB-65 score was observed in non survivors as compared to those who survived. Multivariate analysis showed that female gender, presence of and higher number of comorbid conditions and a higher CURB-65 score was linked with mortality.

Conclusion: Results are compatible with international studies; increasing age, number of comorbid conditions and high inflammatory markers are associated with increased mortality. Our study had an exception that female gender had higher mortality as compared to men.


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