Visual outcome of cataract surgery in a tertiary care teaching hospital

  • Murtaza Sameen Junejo LUMHS JAMSHORO
  • Rebecca Murtaza
  • Fahad Feroz Shaikh
  • Naimatullah Siyal


Objectives: To review the visual outcomes after cataract surgery in a tertiary care teaching hospital, Isra University Hyderabad.

Methods: This retrospective clinical study was carried out for six months at Isra University Hyderabad from December 2020-May 2021. Total patients included were 982. The data comprised of patients who underwent cataract surgery from Sept 2018 – Aug 2020. Individuals over 40 years were included and who returned for out-patient appointments. Visual acuity before and six weeks after cataract surgery were noted and categorized according to World Health Organization criteria (i-e Good, Moderate and Poor).. Data analysis was done with the help of SPSS version 22.0.

Results: Out of 982 patients who underwent Phacoemulsification at Isra University Hospital, the operated eyes were 483 right and 499 left respectively. Meanwhile, 966 had good visual acuity six weeks after the surgery, while 16 had moderate visual acuity noted after six weeks.

Conclusion: Clinical audit of cataract surgeries by measuring visual acuity postoperatively is an excellent approach in improving the outcomes and maintaining the good care facilities at a tertiary care hospital.


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