Depression trends in Hepatitis-C PCR positive and PCR negative patients

  • Qutabuddin Khuhro Dow university of health sciences
  • Hafeezullah Shaikh
  • Dr. Washdev
  • Shahkamal Hashmi
Keywords: Depression, Hepatitis-C, Interferon, DAA


Objective: To determine the frequency of depression in Hepatitis-C patients and its association clearance of HCV.

Methods: It is cross sectional study that was conducted between 1st July to 31st December, 2020, at National Institute of Liver and Gastrointestinal Diseases (NILGID), Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS). Both male and female patients aged 18 to 60 years presenting with Hepatitis-C PCR positive or had received DAA for three months and became PCR negative were included in this cross sectional study. Depression was analyzed by Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HDRS). Mean and standard deviations were calculated and analyzed.

Results: Total 210 patients were included in this study, with mean age 36.06±10.11 years. Depression was present in 118 (56.2%) patients. Among patients with HCV PCR positive depression present in 63 (30.0%) patients while in HCV PCR negative 55 (26.0%) patients. Similarly, depression in HCV PCR positive male patients, aged ≤40 years 80 (38.1%) and in HCV PCR negative 56 (26.7%) patients.

Conclusion: Patients with chronic Hepatitis-C commonly suffer from depression. However, our study found no significant difference with change in PCR status at 12 weeks.


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Hafeezullah Shaikh

Supervising  , data collection  and critical analysis

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