Models of teaching medical errors

  • Gassem Gohal Jazan University
Keywords: Medical errors, Model of teaching, disclosure, Patient Safety, Adverse events


Medical errors are relatively common causes of preventable iatrogenic adverse events. We have focused on teaching models in certain courses of study that have been reported to have significant positive impacts on the outcomes of teaching about medical errors. All healthcare organizations must establish suitable models of teaching about patient safety and medical errors as a preventive measure and as an early intervention strategy. Teaching undergraduate medical students and physicians in training how to manage and disclose medical errors helps them develop lifelong skills that can effectively reduce such errors.
The literature search was conducted in international databases such as PubMed/MEDLINE and Google Scholar search engine using English equivalent keywords, from 1998 up to April, 2020. The search strategy used the following subject headings terms: “Medical error(s)” AND “Teaching”. Out of 40 Studies included, 6 studies were selected to have evaluated models of health care training and simulation based teaching of medical errors and patient safety in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education.


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