An Inexpensive model to teach hemorrhage control in resource limited settings

Keywords: Hemorrhage, Manikin, Exsanguination, Trauma


We have created a bleeding leg simulator using inexpensive and readily available materials to teach civilians in resource-poor settings how to control exsanguinating hemorrhage until the patient can be brought to the hospital, as commercially available mannequins are often too expensive in these settings. Items used include a leg of lamb, IV tubing, IV fluids, and food coloring.
The model was consistently rated as ‘‘nearly – real’’ to ‘‘life like’’ by ten physicians and surgeons, cost less than fifty dollars to make, and provided a fairly realistic model for teaching hemorrhage control.


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Malik OAA, Chhapra R. An Inexpensive model to teach hemorrhage control in resource limited settings. Pak J Med Sci. 2021;37(3):916-918. doi:

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Malik, O. A. A., & Chhapra, R. (2021). An Inexpensive model to teach hemorrhage control in resource limited settings. Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences, 37(3).
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