Predictive validity of a Uniform Entrance Test for the health professionals

Predictive Validity of “Uniform Entrance Test”

  • Rahila Ali AKU
  • Syeda Kausar Ali
  • Azam Afzal
Keywords: Student selection, Admission tests, Validity, Academic performance


Objective: To investigate the predictive validity of Uniform Entrance Test for academic performance in the first two years in various health science degree programs.

Methods: A retrospective analysis of admissions data and academic performance of students admitted in under-graduate programs of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy of three cohorts was taken. The independent and dependent variables were entry test scores and semester scores respectively. Spearman’s Correlation co-efficient was computed to determine the association between entrance test scores and semester scores for three groups.

Results: Majority of the students were from the MBBS degree program (61%) with majority of female students (65%) in all three programs. In MBBS the highest correlation coefficient between entry test and semester scores was observed for semester one rs = 0.334 and lowest in semester four rs= 0.208. In BDS degree program both highest and lowest correlations were in semester one. In the Pharm-D degree program, a significant correlation was only seen in cohort 1 but not in the subsequent cohorts.

Conclusion: The uniform entrance test has an incremental predictive validity for the MBBS and BDS programs as compared to Pharm-D. Better performance in the entrance test predicts higher semester scores and more likelihood of achieving higher scores in the first year as compared to the second year.

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