Roadblocks to Integration; Faculty’s perspective on transition from Traditional to Integrated Medical Curriculum

  • Asma Hafeez
  • Brekhna Jamil Khyber Medical University
  • Aaiz Feroze Khan
Keywords: Curriculum, Undergraduate, Faculty, Medical, Medical institution


Objective: This study was conducted to explore the faculty’s opinion regarding factors impeding practical transition from traditional to integrated medical curriculum at the outset and a few years after the process.

Methods: This qualitative exploratory study was conducted from April 2018 to October 2018 at two undergraduate medical colleges; one where integrated curriculum was at the outset and the second running it successfully. A total of 12 semi-structured interviews (six from each college) were recorded and transcribed. Thematic content analysis was carried out and faculty’s perceptions about factors impeding practical transition to integrated curriculum were explored at two stages, i.e., at the outset and after its implementation.

Results: Four impediments identified at the outset were deemed genuine by faculty who had gone through the experience including, faculty’s resistance, lack of training, lack of incentives, and insufficient resources. Four more impediments were identified after the experience including lack of leadership, lack of attention to faculty’s concerns, lack of communication and difficulties in setting appropriate assessment.

Conclusions: Several factors if ignored can result in failure of integration of curriculum in undergraduate medical colleges. Relevantly appropriate policies should be outlined by the regulatory body to ensure the control on the impediments.


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