Sigmoid volvulus: Comorbidity with sigmoid gangrene

Sigmoid volvulus and sigmoid gangrene

  • Sabri Selcuk Atamanalp Ataturk University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of General Surgery, Erzurum
  • Esra Disci
  • Refik Selim Atamanalp
Keywords: Sigmoid Colon, Volvulus, Sigmoid Gangrene, Endoscopy, Surgery


Sigmoid volvulus (SV) is the wrapping of the sigmoid colon around its mesentery, and sigmoid gangrene is a catastrophic complication of SV. Although the diagnosis of SV is generally not difficult, unfortunately, most of the clinical, laboratory and radiological signs are not pathognomonic in demonstrating sigmoid gangrene. The treatment of gangrenous SV requires emergency surgery. Sigmoid gangrene worsens the prognosis of SV by doubling the mortality rate.

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Atamanalp SS, Disci E, Atamanalp RS. Sigmoid volvulus: Comorbidity with sigmoid gangrene. Pak J Med Sci. 2019;35(1):288-290.  doi:

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Atamanalp, S. S., Disci, E., & Atamanalp, R. S. (2019). Sigmoid volvulus: Comorbidity with sigmoid gangrene: Sigmoid volvulus and sigmoid gangrene. Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences, 35(1).
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