Comparison of failure loads and compressive stress in Press on metal and Press on Y-TZP copings

  • Fahim Vohra King Saud University
  • Mohammed Bin Shuwaish
  • Modhi Al Deeb
  • Rana Alhamdan
  • Naif Alotaibi
  • Tariq Abduljabbar
Keywords: Failure load, Compressive stress, Metal copings, Hot pressing, Y-TZP, Crowns


Objective: The aim of the study was to assess the failure loads and compressive stresses among bilayered press on Y-TZP (POZ) and press on metal (POM) crowns with different core-veneer thickness.

Methods: Thirty metal and Y-TZP copings were fabricated using CAD-CAM technology with specified thickness. All copings were veneered with ceramic materials using hot pressing technique, with 2mm and 2.5mm thickness. The different coping veneer thickness of crowns resulted in six study groups, including, POM: Coping/ veneer thickness of 0.7/2mm (Gp1), 0.7/2.5mm (Gp 2) and 1mm/2mm (Gp 3)- POZ: 0.7/2mm (Gp A), 0.7/2.5mm (Gp B) and 1mm/2mm (Gp C). Crowns were cemented to a standard implant analog and failure loads (FL) and compressive stress (CS) was ascertained by controlled load application in a universal testing machine. Data was analysed using ANOVA and multiple comparisons test.

Results: The maximum FL were observed in the POM specimens with a C/V ratio of 1/2 (Group 3-1880.67± 256.78 N), however the lowest FL were exhibited by POZ crowns with 1/2 C/V ratio (Group C-611.89± 72.79 N). Mean FL and CS were significantly higher in POM compared to POZ crowns in respective groups. Increasing the coping-veneer thickness increased FL and CS among POM crowns. Increasing veneer and decreasing coping thickness improved FL and CS among POZ crowns.

Conclusions: Press on metal specimen showed higher resistance to fracture than Press on Y-TZP specimens. Improved failure loads were observed in thin coping and thick veneers among Press on Y-TZP crowns.


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Vohra F, Shuwaish MB, Al-Deeb M, Alhamdan R, Alotaibi N, Abduljabbar T. Comparison of failure loads and compressive stress in Press on metal and Press on Y-TZP copings. Pak J Med Sci. 2020;36(7):1645-1650. doi:

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Vohra, F., Bin Shuwaish, M., Al Deeb, M., Alhamdan, R., Alotaibi, N., & Abduljabbar, T. (2020). Comparison of failure loads and compressive stress in Press on metal and Press on Y-TZP copings. Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences, 36(7).

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