Important announcement for authors


Please note in view of the increased cost of production, the publication charges have been revised and all manuscripts accepted for publication after December 1st will be charged at new rates. Look at details carefully in detailed instructions for authors. Authors are also reminded to plan for at least six to eight months and those in a hurry should submit their manuscript to some other journal. Processing time can be increased if author’s failure to follow the instructions results in deficiencies which are identified during initial screening and internal review which have to be rectified before it is sent for external review.

We will welcome original research while KAP studies, routine surveys etc., are not accepted. Processing fee is non-refundable hence those who have some doubt, are advised to first send us structured abstract with authors  details and their affiliations for review to avoid any inconvenience later. Fast track processing facility is not available at present and authors have to first check with us for that before arranging fast track processing fee. Incomplete submissions will not be entertained and those once rejected will not be entertained either. Carefully read and follow the instructions for authors on this website to avoid trauma to your manuscript. Regulatory bodies keep on changing their policies hence authors are advised to check for their requirements on the regulatory body websites before submission.  Brevity is beauty of medical writing. Make sure to follow word limit for different categories of write ups. Most original articles must be accommodated in four printed pages of the Journal which covers about 2500 words.  Lengthy manuscripts will not only increase publication charges but will also take more time in processing though efforts are being made to reduce this time period - Chief Editor