Work-related risk factors for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome among Majmaah University female touchscreen users

Work-related risk factors for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Walaa Sayed Mohammad Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy
Keywords: Majmaah University, Females, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Touchscreen users


Objectives: This study aimed to explore the prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms among female touchscreen users at Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia and to make a comparison for the wrist range of motion between probable CTS and non-CTS female touchscreen users.

Methods: Two hundred and twenty-two female touchscreen users were enrolled in the present study. Among this cohort, fifty-two were academic members, 40 were employees and 130 were undergraduates. A Digital Inclinometer device was used to assess ROM of the wrist movements. A computer-based questionnaire, Phalen’s test, and Tinel’s sign were used to investigate the presence of CTS symptoms. The study was conducted between November 2018 and February 2019 at Majmaah University.

Results: The prevalence of probable CTS was 34.2% among touchscreen users; the percent of probable CTS was significantly higher in undergraduates compared to other touchscreen users. There was a significant reduction in wrist flexion between the tested groups.

Conclusion: Female touchscreen users at Majmaah University tended to have a high-risk for CTS. Wrist ROM measurements, particularly wrist flexion, could be a beneficial indicator for anticipating deviations in wrist posture after long-term touchscreen use. It is necessary to consider the job nature, age, BMI, and duration of using touchscreen as risk factors for CTS symptoms.


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