The effect of psychological distresses caused by COVID19 in healthcare professionals on happiness

  • Serkan Köksoy Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University
  • Belkıs CAN Suleyman Demirel University, Medicine Faculty Hospital Application and Research Center. Isparta, Turkey
Keywords: anxiety, covid19, happiness, Psychological Distress


Background and Objective: COVID-19 has been negatively affecting the world for a long time. This situation can trigger mental problems such as uncertainty, anxiety, stress and depression throughout the society. The aim of our study was to search the effect of the psychological distresses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare workers (HCWs) on happiness.

Methods: This study was conducted as a descriptive and cross-sectional study in a medical school hospital in Isparta-Turkey and the data for it were collected between January and March 2022. Sociodemographic form, Coronavirus Anxiety Scale (CAS), Covid-19 Related Psychological Distress Scale (CORPD) and Oxford Happiness Questionnaire Short Form (OHQ-SF) were used for the data collection.

Results: A total of 326 people, including 62(19%) physicians, 127(39%) nurses, 39(12%) officers and 98(30%) others, participated in the study. Between OHQ-SF and CAS, it was found to be r2=0.008, f=2.76 and p=0.098. Between OHQ-SF and CORPD, it was found to be r2=0.11, f=3.55 and p=0.06.

Conclusion: In the HCWs, it was found that CORPD was related with the variables of gender and get vaccinated, CAS was related with the variables of economic status, profession and get COVID-19, and OHQ-SF was related with economic and marital status. It was found that anxiety and psychological distress did not affect the level of happiness. It is recommended to follow up the negative effects of the pandemic, such as anxiety, fear on the future lives, professional functions, and family life of the HCW.


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