Association of medication administration errors with interruption among nurses in public sector tertiary care hospitals

Association of Medication Administration Errors with Interruption

  • Raja - - Civil Hospital Karachi
  • Badil - - Institute of Nursing, Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Sajid Ali - Liaquat National College of Nursing, Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Shaheen Sherali - Indus College of Nursing & Midwifery, Karachi, Pakistan.
Keywords: Medication Administration Errors, Interruption, Nurses, Tertiary Care Hospitals


Objectives: To determine the association of medication administration errors with interruption among nurses working at public sector tertiary care hospitals in Karachi, Pakistan.

Methods: An analytical cross-sectional study was accomplished at two public sector healthcare facilities Civil Hospital, and Dow University Hospital, Karachi. The study was carried out from October 2017 to July 2018 over a period of 10 months. The sample was calculated by using OpenEpi version 3.0. By taking 56.4% of medication administration errors, 5% margin of error and 95% confidence level. The calculated sample size was 204 of both genders. The subjects both male and female nurses having a valid license from Pakistan Nursing Council and one year of clinical experience were enrolled in the study. The subjects were approached by using non-probability purposive sampling method. Validated and adapted questionnaire utilized to gather the data. Data was entered and analyzed by using SPSS version 21.0.

Results: In this study, total 204 nurses were included, almost half (52%) of them were male. Majority of (82.3%) study participants had age between 25-35 years old. There were total 716 medications given by 204 nurses. Out of these, 295 (41.2%) were antibiotics, other common medications were acid-suppressive, analgesic and antiemetic 14.5%, 15.9% and 11.2% respectively. Among all 716 medications, 644 (89.9%) were given intravenously whereas only 6.7% drugs given orally. A significant association has been found between medication administration errors and interruption like talking with other health care personnel, patients or attendant queries, phone calls (p-value=<0.001). Nearly 91% of the study nurses who were interrupted during medication committed medication errors.

Conclusion: It is concluded that there is a significant association between medication administration errors with interruption among nurses.


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