Pediatric Tracheotomy: Comparison of surgical technique with early and late complications in 273 cases

Pediatric Tracheotomy

  • Murat Gumussoy otorhinolaryngology
Keywords: Complications, Indications, Pediatric tracheotomy, Surgical technique.


Objectives: This study was aimed to compare the early and late complications of tracheotomy in pediatric patient, with respect to surgical techniques.

Methods: The relationship between demographic characteristics, surgical techniques obtained from the files of the children and complications developing after surgery were compared retrospectively.

Results: One hundred fifty two out of 273 developed complications after tracheotomy. Among these, 75 were early complications and 77 were late complications. Results obtained concerning early complications showed a significant difference between Skin incision and Bleeding and Accidental decannulation; Tracheal incision and Subcutaneous emphysema; surgical time and accidental decannulation and tube/ventilation problem; Surgeon’s skill level and bleeding. As regards late complications there was a significant difference between Intubation Time and Stomal-tracheal granulation; Tracheal incision and Stomal infection; Surgeon’s skill level and Stomal-tracheal granulation.

Conclusions: In pediatric tracheotomy the preferred skin incision and tracheal incision, surgeon’s experience, tracheotomoy time and intubation time are important as regards development of early or late complications.

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